Colorado 2015

We had a great weekend with Mary and Paul this year. Everyone was able to go including Matthew, Nathan and Sydney. We arrived on Friday, Jan 19 and stayed for three fun filled days.

Saturday was skiing and boarding at Vail. It had snowed a couple inches that evening which made for great conditions. We skied the entire mountain; front-side, back-bowls, and big sky basin. It was a great day.

Mary and Paul took us snowshoeing at the Keystone Nordic center on Sunday. That was really cool. We hiked for nearly four miles. Some of the snow was very deep. Everyone had a great time.

Sunday we returned to Keystone to ride the mountain. The good news was the crowds were very small. We loved the Keystone terrain park.

Thanksgiving Day Race Results

We completed our 14th thanksgiving day race. This is a great race that starts in downtown Cincinnati, runs over the Ohio river to Kentucky and back to downtown Cincinnati.

Here are my results for the past several years.

Year Participants Bob (total/pace) Lynn Ray Larson
2001 7,355 1:32(14:42) 1:32(14:42) 1:03(10:02)
2002 8,366 1:09(11:07) na 1:09(11:07)
2003 9,157 1:07(10:54) na na
2004 8,294 58:41(9:27) 1:35(15:26) 1:00(9:49)
2005 9,060 58:58(9:30) na 1:00(9:45)
2006 10,594 55:29(8:57) 1:49(17:42) 59:13(9:33)
2007 10,623 1:01(9:53) na na
2008 11,555 1:01(9:59) 1:49(17:37) na
2009 15,481 55:09(8:53) 1:56(18:48) 1:56(18:48)
2010 Did not race N/A N/A N/A
2011 13,884 59:30(9:40) N/A N/A
2012 14,332 58:23(9:25) N/A N/A
2013 14,259 53:54(8:42) 1:45:22 1:03:18
2014 13,284 53:43(8:40) DNR DNR

Homecoming 2014

Nathan and Sydney went to homecoming this year. They looked great.

The plan is:

  • Pictures are our house
  • Dinner at Maggiano’s
  • Dancing at the High School
  • Relax at our house

Here are some pics:

Mount Evans


Lynn and I took a trip to Colorado for Allison’s wedding. We arrived on Thursday morning and met up with Mike in Denver. We had a nice lunch and walk around the 16th Street Mall. Everyone did some shopping for souvenirs.

Early afternoon Lynn and I took the convertible Mustang up MT Evans; the highest paved road in North America. While Bob thought was great, Lynn was genuinely terrified. It was actually snowing at the top. The visit took a very long time so we drove to our hotel at the Keystone Resort.

On Friday, we slept in and went to the gym. Our brunch by Keystone Lake was very nice. Later we took a bike ride from Keystone to Dillon and back. It was a beautiful day!

Saturday took us to the top of Keystone Mountain for a great hike. Mike and Marie joined us which made it even more special. We took the gondola up and followed a guided tour around the top. The weather was great and everyone had a great time.

Weekend at Mike’s

We had a great time at Mike’s last weekend. Nick and Melissa joined us too. The new siding on the house looks great.

The weather forecast was dismal but it cleared up enough to get outside. Lots of activity with:

  • Boating and wakeboarding
  • Sea-Doo Riding
  • Razor Off-Roading
  • BB Gun Shooting
  • Family Games

It’s a long drive but tons of fun. Plus, we get to see everyone again in 10 days.

Game Night Pictures:

Video of the weekend.

Last Day in Italy–Homeward Bound Tomorrow

We couldn’t have asked for a better “last day in Italia”. The weather was in the 70s, sunny, and the Venice atmosphere was everything we expected–waterways, canals, hidden streets, cafes, shops, and tourists from every country in the world–many from the United States. We spent alot of time with a family from Atlanta–they were stopping here for a week before heading to Greece for one month!

The day started with a light breakfast in the morning room, then we all hit the walkways and waterways–we took a Gondola ride last night, two Grand Canal taxi rides today (one in the day, and one in the evening after dinner), visited shops, churches, San Marco’s Square, Rialto Bridge, and of course, the infamous Grand Canal. We had our last Italia pasta meals–and, are exhausted. Nathan has a very bad sinus infection–need to get him home so he can get to the doctor on Thursday. The rest of us are doing great, and very healthy, although, I think we are looking forward to our own beds and environment.

The water taxi picks us up at 6:45 a.m., and it is a 90 minute boat ride to the airport. Then off we go. We will be home Cincinnati time tomorrow night (Wednesday night) at about 10:00 p.m. Nathan has a request for real American food–either a cheeseburger or our American Indian dish at the local diner–He has already asked Matthew to have this cuisine waiting for him when we arrive at the house tomorrow night. We are to call Matthew before we leave Atlanta for our “menu” request. Guess he has had his fill of pizza and pasta, pasta, pasta……

Ciao Italy!

Love, Bob, Lynn, Nathan, Barry and Jackie