Volleyball, the new Lacrosse

Nathan resigned from the lacrosse team due to the sport’s overwhelming demands on his time. He felt it was more important to focus on his studies and music with a bit of fun rather than put everything into one activity year round; and lets not talk about the coaches. It’s hard to argue with a guy who has his priorities straight and well defined.

So, Nathan made the varsity volleyball team on his first try. The team isn’t awesome but they are a solid team and a good group of young men. They are all having lots of fun. So, here’s our first pictures from the 2014 volleyball season.

2014 Colorado Ski Trip – Guys Weekend

Matthew and I went to Mary and Paul’s mountain house the weekend of March 21st. There were a total of about eight guys there. We were a mix of friends and family. There were three days of skiing:

  • Thursday 3/20 – Matthew and I arrive today. Everyone who was already there went to Breckenridge. Taylor arrived very late Thursday.
  • Friday 3/21 – The group went to Beaver Creek. It was a beautiful, blue-sky day. We stopped for lunch at the Chop House.
  • Saturday 3/22 – Our trip to Vail was crazy! It snowed seven inches during the day. Visibility was difficult. There is nothing like skiing the fresh powder. We got split up at noon and skiing alone on such a big mountain, in a snow storm is a scary experience.

Snowboarding Log 2013

Hopefully, this is a be a frequent snowboard session year. With that expectation, here’s my log of the days we (me, Nathan and Matthew) went skiing.

Date Duration Notes
11/28/2013 4 hrs

It was the first day of the 2013 season for Perfect North Slopes. The line to get our season passes took an hour. The snow was great, the sky was perfect and the lines are tolerable. Matthew and Jorden did some tubing and then Grandpa took Jorden for food inside while Matthew skied.

12/7/2013 4 hrs

Its a POW Day at Perfect North. After four or five inches of fresh overnight, we arrived very early. The snow was perfect all day. We expected a huge crowd but there were fewer people than we could have imagined. Great day!

12/9/2013 3 hrs

Nathan I headed out right after school/work today. It was cloudy and cool (31). The slope conditions were good but icy in some places. We found the Stokely’s and rode with them for a while. Check out the video.

12/23/2013 6 hrs

Our first day in Colorado. We headed to Vail Resorts. It was about an hour drive from Mary’s mountain house. The weather report said no snow was expected but the roads were very snowy. We arrived to discover nine inches of fresh powder. This mountain is SO BIG, we only experienced a small part of it.

Top of Vail

12/26/2013 5 hrs

Yay!! More skiers today. Lauren and Paul joined us for some riding. We went to Beavercreek today. Conditions were very good with minimal crowds. We started out easy for Paul and then quickly jumped to the black-diamond runs…oops! Lauren is a great boarder; she makes it look so easy.

2013-12-26 10.34.43

12/27/2013 7 hrs

Today we went to Arapaho Basin Ski resort. We got out early and stayed until the lifts closed. It’s a small but very technically challenging slope. The views from the top are amazing. The slopes are very close to the rocky cliff mountains. We did a double-black diamond that was crazy steep.

2013-12-27 11.02.09

1/1/2014 3 hrs

Matthew and Kyle joined us for a quit trip to the slopes. We thought it would be crazy busy but it was less crowded than we expected. The conditions were very good. The only down side was our limited time (there was a football game to get seen).

2014-01-01 16.42.07

1/15/2014 3 hrs

Nathan and I had a good day at the slopes today. The snow was quick and the lifts were empty. I spent most of my time on the beginner terrain park. Later we moved up to the regular terrain park and I spent lots of time working on my jumps.

Bob's Big Air -crop

1/29/2014 3 hrs

Beautiful day on the slopes. Lots of sun, low temps, no crowds. Rode lots of switch (backwards) today. It’s harder than I thought it would be.

Bob board grab

Bob board grab

Nathan 360

Nathan 360

2/15/2014 3 hrs

It snowed last night and we arrived bright and early today. It was cold but the slopes were in great condition. The only bad part was that it’s was Saturday, sunny, and it just snowed. Perfect conditions for a VERY large crowd. We only stay until noon and the parking lot was completely full; all the way to the barn. And the the line of cars to get in stretched out to route 1.

2/19/2014 3 hrs

Warm day on the slopes. Lots of sun, temps in the high 40′s, no crowds. The snow was very slow. We spent a good part of the day in the terrain park.


2013 Napa Day Day 5

This was a rest day. The Meadowood resort is beautiful. We slept in and then went for a nice hike around the resort. The hills are amazing with spectacular vistas. Check out Bob’s selfies.

We went to Frank Family Winery and stopped in town for a sandwich. Most of the afternoon was spent at the pool. It was a very relaxing day.

Tomorrow we have to leave at 8:00am for the airport. I think our next trip should be to Italy.

Life is good.

2013 Napa Day 4

Another great day in Napa Valley. We had two great tours today.

  1. Darioush – Very fancy place that specializes in Cabernet’s.
  2. Groth – A family winery built by the CFO of Atari in the 1980′s. The Sauvignon Blanc was outstanding.

We went into Napa City for lunch at Norman’s Rose Tavern. The restaurant was nice but the service wasn’t great and the food was mediocre.

We drove to our final hotel today. The Meadowood Resort is amazing. Our room is HUGE. We actually have a whole building to ourselves. Barry/Jackie’s room is on one end and Lynn/Bob’s room is on the other end. There is a ginormous common room between the two rooms.

We are going to Tra Vigne’s for dinner tonight. It should be an awesome event.

2013 Napa Day 3

It was another beautiful day in Napa today. Bob went for a long run (follow the link) through the hills. Lynn did a run/walk through the neighborhood. We have two wine tours today.

  1. Storybook - Is very old winery dating back to the 1800′s. They say it was the Grim brothers and that’s where they got the name. Their unique feature is that all berry’s are hand picked by the family. They ferment the wine in 100 foot long caves dug by the Chinese in the late 1800′s. The caves are lined with black mold which controls the humidity of the cave. It was like a carpet attached to the walls.
  2. Fieldstone – This is a very small winery. You can’t get this wine in Cincinnati. The people were very nice and gave us a large plate of cheese and crackers. They also allowed Barry to buy at a distributor price. Yes, we’ll be sharing in that bounty.

We had lunch at the Calistoga Inn Brewery. The Burgers are huge!

We ate Dinner at the Clif Family guest house again. It was a great evening.

2013 Napa Day 2

We drove up to Napa Valley today. It was a beautiful day; not a cloud in the sky. Our drive up the coast was awesome. Barry (aka Karl) and Lynn (aka Sue) didn’t appreciate the long drive. I couldn’t have been happier.

We arrived at the Clif Family guest house with time to sit out in the sun. The place is great. We got to cook our own meals today which is actually a good thing both financially and healthy

Tomorrow is a busy day of winery tours.

Map from Monterey to Napa

2013 Napa Trip Day 1

Great start to the trip. The weather is perfect.

Now we’re getting ready for dinner at the Pacific Edge Restaurant. It’s like you’re flying over the ocean. The sunset is spectacular.

Here are just a couple of the 55 pictures we took today.

Little Miami Triathlon

Lynn and I completed our first triathlon this weekend. It was organized by Morgan’s Canoe Livery at Ft. Ancient. There were nearly 1,000 participants. We raced with some friends from the gym where Lynn works out.

The race is three stages:

  1. Canoe 6 miles – Lynn and I failed the first two miles. Then we found our groove and really started to cook. Thankfully, the river level was very high this weekend.
  2. Run 5 miles – While I could do this, Lynn is not yet ready to run this distance. And the run ends at “Killer Hill”. She really thought she was going to die.
  3. Bike 18 miles – About halfway through, I said “Come on Lynn, we walked faster than this!” Naturally, that didn’t go over very well. It was the quote of day.

The weather was superb and we had a great day. The next race is in October and training starts now. We’ll beat our time. Lynn is already looking for other partners.


  • Eleni – 3:12
  • Sheldon – 2:56
  • Michelle – 3:50
  • Jody – 3:23
  • Zach – 3:45
  • Jim – 4:59
  • Bob and Lynn – 4:49