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Snowboarding Log 2013

Hopefully, this is a be a frequent snowboard session year. With that expectation, here’s my log of the days we (me, Nathan and Matthew) went skiing.

Date Duration Notes
11/28/2013 4 hrs

It was the first day of the 2013 season for Perfect North Slopes. The line to get our season passes took an hour. The snow was great, the sky was perfect and the lines are tolerable. Matthew and Jorden did some tubing and then Grandpa took Jorden for food inside while Matthew skied.

12/7/2013 4 hrs

Its a POW Day at Perfect North. After four or five inches of fresh overnight, we arrived very early. The snow was perfect all day. We expected a huge crowd but there were fewer people than we could have imagined. Great day!

12/9/2013 3 hrs

Nathan I headed out right after school/work today. It was cloudy and cool (31). The slope conditions were good but icy in some places. We found the Stokely’s and rode with them for a while. Check out the video.

12/23/2013 6 hrs

Our first day in Colorado. We headed to Vail Resorts. It was about an hour drive from Mary’s mountain house. The weather report said no snow was expected but the roads were very snowy. We arrived to discover nine inches of fresh powder. This mountain is SO BIG, we only experienced a small part of it.

Top of Vail

12/26/2013 5 hrs

Yay!! More skiers today. Lauren and Paul joined us for some riding. We went to Beavercreek today. Conditions were very good with minimal crowds. We started out easy for Paul and then quickly jumped to the black-diamond runs…oops! Lauren is a great boarder; she makes it look so easy.

2013-12-26 10.34.43

12/27/2013 7 hrs

Today we went to Arapaho Basin Ski resort. We got out early and stayed until the lifts closed. It’s a small but very technically challenging slope. The views from the top are amazing. The slopes are very close to the rocky cliff mountains. We did a double-black diamond that was crazy steep.

2013-12-27 11.02.09

1/1/2014 3 hrs

Matthew and Kyle joined us for a quit trip to the slopes. We thought it would be crazy busy but it was less crowded than we expected. The conditions were very good. The only down side was our limited time (there was a football game to get seen).

2014-01-01 16.42.07

1/15/2014 3 hrs

Nathan and I had a good day at the slopes today. The snow was quick and the lifts were empty. I spent most of my time on the beginner terrain park. Later we moved up to the regular terrain park and I spent lots of time working on my jumps.

Bob's Big Air -crop

1/29/2014 3 hrs

Beautiful day on the slopes. Lots of sun, low temps, no crowds. Rode lots of switch (backwards) today. It’s harder than I thought it would be.

Bob board grab
Bob board grab
Nathan 360
Nathan 360
2/15/2014 3 hrs

It snowed last night and we arrived bright and early today. It was cold but the slopes were in great condition. The only bad part was that it’s was Saturday, sunny, and it just snowed. Perfect conditions for a VERY large crowd. We only stay until noon and the parking lot was completely full; all the way to the barn. And the the line of cars to get in stretched out to route 1.

2/19/2014 3 hrs

Warm day on the slopes. Lots of sun, temps in the high 40’s, no crowds. The snow was very slow. We spent a good part of the day in the terrain park.


Tubing at Perfect North

The family went tubing at Perfect North Slopes yesterday. This is the way to go sledding!

After tubing we heading over to the slopes so Sage and Matthew could try skiing. Bob and Nathan tore up the slopes on their snowboards. It was a beautiful day at 55 degrees and very sunny. Great day to play in the snow.

Matthew’s Birthday

For Matthew’s birthday we struggled with what to get him. He’s 28 this year and that means we have to be careful; Lynn and I don’t want any sanctions. Unfortunately, we won’t get to see him today. Because the present isn’t exactly ready, and to make it more fun for the whole family, I created a short scavenger hunt.

This year, we went deep. Now that his phone is ROOTED, we’ll see what kind of a leader he really is. Can he guess the present based on the four clues given so far?

The final clue: Call Nathan after 3:00 for details.

Happy Birthday,
We Love You,
Mom & Dad